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Here you will find tools and resources needed to set up and run an EEG laboratory, as well as links to other labs across North America.


>> How to make a Reaction Time Box for DMDX (pdf)
    - PIO12 card instructions (pdf)

>> PIO Setup Tutorial (PowerPoint | html)

>> Reaction time game to measure aggression (zip)
    - includes 4 wav files, "plus" image, and DmDX script

>> DmDX adaptation of Cyberball (zip)
    - includes all images and DmDX script
    - Cyberball game originally designed by Kip Williams
    - for help with DmDX please visit DmDX help

>> Heider and Simmel video (mpg)
     - save to your own hard drive and play in windows media player 11


John J. B. Allen
University of Arizona

David Amodio
New York University
Bruce Bartholow
University of Missouri
James Coan
University of Virginia

John Curtin
University of Wisconsin
Richard Davidson
University of Wisconsin
Greg Hajcak
SUNY Stony Brook

Ursual Hess
University of Quebec
Michael Inzlicht
University of Toronto
Alex Shackman
University of Wisconsin

Paul Whalen
Dartmouth College
Piotr Winkielman
University of Californa, San Diego